What if your kitchen cupboard tells you that you are out of milk? or it warns that your cereal is reaching its expiry date? or helps by automatically control your cooking. Sounds like science fiction? Absolutely not. That’s exactly what eCoupled cookware achieves.

eCoupled enables a new breed of smart, wirelessly powered cookware.

Sounds fictional? Check out the above video and see it for yourself.

Take the eCoupled frying pan, for example. With this, users can control cooking temperatures from a laptop or smart phone. And can receive recipe instructions and automatically control cooking temperatures and times. You can ask for user favorites or record your recipes and share it with friends.

Low-cost smart packaging has other uses as well. The printed coil can allow you to control cooking temperatures right from the package. Just place your can of soup on an eCoupled-enabled surface, tear a temperature tab, and it’ll heat right up to your selected temperature. No more need for clunky microwaves or guessing cook times.

Check out eCoupled.com for more information. I can’t wait for it to come to the consumer market. I hope it comes soon. :-) What do you think?

(image credit: QuickColor)